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Saturday, April 16, 2011

More for the Exercise Nerd in all of us

Two More Core  Exercises

The first I call "Double Poling". I use it to help keep in shape over the warm months for winter XC skiing. All you need are enough resistance bands to give you a challenge, and a hook at about shoulder level.

Here is my student Laura demonstrating  the exercise.

As you can see, the whole body works together, but the focus is on the core contraction, just as if you were propelling yourself forward on XC skis. There is also a serious cardio component to this one.

Here is a pretty good tutorial on actual double poling, so you can see how the two relate.

Today's second exercise, demonstrated by Joe, is called the "rope pull".

It is also done with resistance bands and a hook, but this one is designed to address the obliques and build strength, stability and endurance along the diagonal line of the torso.

This one also has a nice cardio component to it.

We usually do both of these exercises as Tabata sets, 20 seconds at fast speed, 10 second rest period for 8 rounds.

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