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Friday, April 01, 2011

Exercise Nerd

A new hash-tag is born!

My friend Carey Rockland has coined a new hash-tag for the twitterverse, #ExerciseNerd. This allows those of us who get all geeked over tinkering with exercise to be able to easily aggregate our conversations on witty new ways to create happy muscle soreness.

In honer of this most momentous event, I would like to start introducing some of the exercises I use with my students to help them with their conditioning. I'm also planning on some do-it-yourself exercise posts in the near future that may be of interest.

So here is the first of what may be an ongoing series for your edification.

All that is required for this exercise is something to give you resistance like a thera-band or dyna-band, some way to anchor it, and a bit of room to move. (For more resistance you can use two or three bands at the same time).

The idea is to stand facing the anchor point holding an end of the band in each hand. You then swing out for a leg or hip throw motion, making sure to focus on good form, with careful attention to core activation throughout the throw. Your obliques will thank you.

Here is my student Adam demonstrating the exercise, which will do more to pass it on to you than reading about it. Enjoy!


Mo'in said...

Dear Mushtaq,

Thanks for this post. I very much like fresh ways to exercise, some general, some specific to the task at hand (e.g., martial). I'm certainly part of the tribe of Exercise Nerds.

All good wishes,


AF1 said...


Would love to see a Mushtaq workout routines DVD.