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Friday, February 04, 2011

Scott Sonnon Interview on TacFit

The most comprehensive interview on the subject to date.

Here is an interview of Scott Sonnon, conducted by John Sifferman on the subject of TacFit, the revolutionary training and workout paradigm that is changing the face of exercise.

Of all the training methodologies I have experienced in my life, so far Tacfit has been consistently the most useful. I am in the process of writing up a review of TacFit Warrior at the moment, but this will take a few days, in the meantime check out this interview, drop by the Tacfit website and check out the full entry on John Sifferman's Blog.

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Anonymous said...

just clicked through to tacfit's website and felt the top of my head go POP at tacfit commando. but i'm overweight, crazily creaky, ex-semi-athlete, current desk jockey. $167 is a heck of a lot of dough for a state worker like me, but if it'll help me get my body back, out of this crazy slide it's in, it's cheap. this stuff is your world. what do you think about this program for someone like me?