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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pop Quiz: it's 7 degrees f and there's a snow storm, what do you do?

Go skiing!!!

I do love going out when it is storming, there is never anyone else on the trails for some reason.

This winter has been a bit disappointing in that all the really good snow storms just passed us by, it's one of the drawbacks of living in Michigan's sun belt. This Saturday though, we got a fairly decent snowstorm.

Of course you do have to put on some protective clothing. (he win chill factor made it as if -10 f)

But it is sure worth it to be able to experience the world under such conditions.

The section of the Grand River that I was able to make it out to was only just beginning to ice over.

You just gotta love the quiet of a snow storm in the woods.

Sunday was even colder than Saturday. The temperature was -20 f at sun-up and -6 f at 10:00am but the sun was out, so...... More Skiing!

I grabbed the Snow Gnome and we took off for Pigeon Creek park where they have about 10 miles of groomed trail for XC skiing.

It was quite a treat because for the last couple of years we have just gone off trail back country brush poppin. Which, while lots of fun, requires more attention to the technical side of skiing than does well groomed trail.

It was a perfect day for just gliding through the woods and enjoying the sunlight.

I do love winter.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mushtaq,
Cool goggles!! Is that a Balaclava? They're nifty items. Yes, the key to being able to enjoy Winter is all in the knowing how to dress for it. I endure quite a bit of bantering for always being the last to leave any place I go in the winter because it takes me so long to put on all my "wrappings". But then while everyone else is freezing, I am comfortable..... I must say, though, that being out in sub-zero temperatures for any length of time takes not only a brave soul, but a smart one as well..... Happy Snow Day!!


Liz said...

Salam Mushtaq,

All the photos are beautiful. Wish we have snow in Asia. hahaha!