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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Passing of an American Icon

Jack LaLanne died yesterday at the age of 96

He was one of my personal heroes. I used to love tuning in his half hour show when I was young and follow along with his workouts. It was a lot cheaper than trying to acquire weights or sending money to Charles Atlas. It was probably LaLanne who launched my interest in athletics and fitness.

He was the original minimalist, doing his workouts with body-weight a towel and a chair. He was also decades ahead of his time in his thinking about health.

Rather than going on about him, I'll just leave you with a few video clips of a great man.


steve-vh said...

RIP Jack. Everyone pales in comparison

Steve Perry said...

A life well-lived and a model of fitness. I used to wonder what he'd do every year on his birthday. Swimming handcuffed from Alcatraz? Pulling an airplane?

Adios, Jack.

borky said...


You forgot to mention, oh Desirous-of-the-Sublime, his appearance in at least one other reality parallel to this, The Simpsons.

...from a fellow 'Sufist' and 'cowboy', i.e., one born and raised in the City of Cowboys, a supposedly pejorative term applied by British people to Liverpool, UK, but one which, (like another of its ike names, the City of Comedians), I like to think of as having esoteric applications.

...who says ALL beads of Mercury are bad for y'u?


Anonymous said...

what a great man . . . and a great life . . .

. . . & thanks so much to you for this post and the videos . . . just what i needed to hear! so perfect i linked from my blog too :)

Mo'in said...

Thanks, Mushtaq, for these videos. Great man.

All good wishes,


Fenna Diephuis Stoub said...

Thanks for posting this tribute Mushtaq.

RIP Jack. You will always inspire!

I love how definitive he is when he says "This is the TRUTH!!!" What a spine!