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Saturday, January 29, 2011

For the first time in my life I'm actually looking for followers

For my twitter account that is.

Yes, I have been co-opted into the world of social networking (sigh) and am going to make an attempt to use it for good rather than evil.

You can follow my ramblings and adventures here if you are so inclined.


steve-vh said...

And thus begins the slow decline of that it's sucked you (of all people) in.

borky said...


For what it's worth, I approve.

I might even've subscribed - if my very recent, very brief misadventures with the mobile my brother bought me hadn't convinced me the world still prefers me in my cave.

(Me with a mobile! Nick Redfern'd've never forgiven me - if he hasn't already succumbed himself!).

I'm not too keen on the followers thing, either, but with that magnificent white facial hair, surely you're entitled to a gang of little helper elves - or the Sufi equivalent! - especially now you've got all that snow to clear!

borky said...

Ooh, an afterthought!

What're you shouting to drive on all those huskies you must be using at the moment - mush, mush?

And if you do, don't they get a bit confused over whether you're talking to them or yourself?

Slobodan Blazeski said...

I love reading your thoughts. Just keep them coming.