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Sunday, November 07, 2010

My latest 15 minutes of fame

On the Diamond Hour Internet radio show.

My buddy Steve Barnes invited me on his show to talk about intermittent fasting and other such such things yesterday.

You can listen to it here on this page

Ore you can go to the Diamond Hour Page and listen to all of his broadcasts there.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mushtaq,
Beautiful music and very interesting and unsettling percussion rhythms- almost like skipped heartbeats....
And not to be nit-picky or anything, but "Music for a Cold Night" would have been my choice for a lead-in (if you had asked me, that is). The words "Ya Lailee" in Arabic mean "Oh, my Night" (which usually refers to a lover) You can hear that mixed in with the other elements..... Salma

Anonymous said...

Dear Mushtaq,
Here it is! I was wondering what happened to my comment! I think I posted it in the wrong place.... Sorry, I should have typed it in the box above... I'll redo it....
Oh, and as long as I'm here, I should say that I'm glad fasting works for you, and I wish it would work for me, but my Hypoglycemia just won't allow it, I'm afraid.... My first Ramadan (about 25 years ago) was a real disappointment when I couldn't even make it to 10:00 am without almost passing out.... I have envied those who can do it ever since...