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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Great "barefoot" style running video

I have been meaning to post this video for a while

and just got reminded of it by the Barefoot Runners NYC blog.

Even though this was put out by a shoe company,Terra Plana (Extremely good if very expensive shoes) it uses the "barefoot" methodology to teach proper running form.

If you are interested in exploring a more natural stride and one that seems to have a lot less injury associated with it, this is a very good instructional video.

Learning the Skill of Barefoot Running from Terra Plana on Vimeo.

With or without shoes, the fore foot strike is, for me, the very best way to run.

So kick off your shoes and give it a try.


rivv3t said... (It's a native American flute made by Jerry Fretwell. The first and only recording of it, so far.)


Janet said...

look at those calve muscles ;-)

steve-vh said...

Thas what I was thinking

Jason said...

Those drills look like they will come in really handy. Thanks for posting the video.