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Monday, January 11, 2010

Three days of snow......

Then the sun comes out.

It Doesn't get much better than this.

The temperature on Saturday morning was around 10 degreed F, and the snow was just about perfect.

So I grabbed my skis and hit the trail for the best day of gliding over the snow yet this season.

Once we were off the main trail the snow was mostly completely fresh. There were remarkably few skiers out for some reason, I think we saw only three other people on the trails all day.

We did however share the trail with all manner of wildlife, most notably ducks who didn't bother going south for the winter. (I guess they heard about the temperatures in Florida)

While the Grand River is still flowing, all the ponds and small lakes in the area are frozen over.

Making for the spectacular winter scenery you get here in West Michigan.

The rare Michigan Snow Gnome

After about two and a half hours of skiing we still didn't want to come in from the cold

Me, not wanting to stop for the day, even though I know I am going to pay for it tomorrow

I'm already hoping for the next snowstorm, though the law of perversity seems to be holding sway and all the really fun weather is going elsewhere. With any luck, there will be more snow soon, and what we have will stay for a while.


jasonencke said...

It looks beautiful up there. You must be skiing pretty hard to keep warm enough with such few clothes on.

Mushtaq Ali said...

synthetics, the clothes are warmer than they look, but I did start out with more on than I ended up with. XC skiing is a really good workout when you get going.

steve-vh said...

"Mostly completely fresh". From a former english teacher??!? tsk

I also am hoping for a real Hummer of a storm.

Janet said...

It was a very good day, even for a gnome. :-)

steve-vh said...

wanna borrow my snowshoes?