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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Boring jump rope?

Perhaps not.

Sabi Honom mentioned jump rope as a way to keep in shape over the winter, so this post is for her and others who might want something by way of exercise that takes up small space but gives good result.

Back in the last century, when I was young, I, like so many of the boys where I grew up, studied some boxing. Of course, along with the speed bag, heavy bag, road work and sparring, we had to jump rope.

We all wanted to master the speed bag, as it had the greatest kewl factor (Think Joe Palooka, opening titles) and I think we all hated jumping rope (it was viewed as being just a bit "girlie". Hey I was about 10 at the time, wadaya expect)

Over the years I had kept up with my rope jumping somewhat intermittently, but it would tend to get a little on the boring side for me.

This all changed about three years ago when I got a call from my friend Steve Barnes. Steve keeps an eye out for anything interesting in the area of fitness and he often finds some real gems.

He asked me if I had ever heard of Buddy Lee. I hadn't.

Lee was an Olympic wrestler who had developed an interesting approach to his conditioning based on jumping rope, after retiring from competition he began teaching his method.

I was intrigued enough by Steve's description that I looked into what Lee was doing.

Here's a taste.


I got hold of his book and video and began incorporating some of his material into both my workouts and those of my students, with very good effect.

One of my favorite things to do is to use the rope with Tabata sets, that'll give you a quick burn.

Check out Buddy Lee's website.

There have been others who have built on Mr. Lee's work, this being a case in point.


So enjoy your jumping!


steve-vh said...

The second one's intro looks just like Bong's Lubid work.

Mo'in said...

Dear Mushtaq,

Thanks so much for posting these videos. I read a book many years ago which stated that, in that author's opinion, jump-roping was superior to any other form of cardio exercise. Since then, I've played with jump-roping in many ways such as all kinds of short rounds, longer, sustained periods to match even the longer times of runs, etc. I'm a believer in jumping.

Thanks so much.

All good wishes,