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Monday, January 04, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

But we could use some more snow.

Temperatures have been down in the single digits, but the sun has been out and there has been very little snow.

The trails are quite rough.

There's lots of lumpy ice just under the surface, as well as ruts and such.

But the river is quite lovely.

And the sunset is as well.

So the only thing to do is grab the skis and get outside.

So with my friend Janet, who is one of the few people crazy enough to be out int this weather with me, we tackled the trail.

It was worth the effort, and we pretty much had the trail to ourselves.

Personally, I think cross country skiing is the best winter exercise to keep you in shape for running in the other three seasons. So here's hoping for more snow.

For today's theme music here's one of the very best renditions of "Baby it's cold outside" done by Margaret Whiting & Johnny Mercer in 1949


rivv3t said...

Some holiday music for your snow cone:

(I'm a student of Ibrahim's.)

Cheers, Guru Mushtaq.

Anonymous said...

I've been jump roping to keep in shape for running. Not sure it will hold my interest for 3 more months though.

steve-vh said...

Surprising the trails were MT. Would think folks would be out with new toys, ect. Guess they're all back at work.

I actually got dragged out (whining and kicking) for a long fast, late night walk in bloody cold 20 degrees at 9PM last night.
But the good sign is no stiffness today :-)

Janet said...

You're right, I do look like a gnome, with a day-glo hood :-D

steve-vh said...

The new snowfall started here at 7AM (thurs). Supposed to fall all day. Hopefully some falls as far inland as you.