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Saturday, December 05, 2009


Again Jon Stewart, with the able help of John Oliver, put things in perspective.

Here is the most interesting take on the banning of minarets by the Swiss. John Oliver is particularly fun as he moves from British comedian to a British citizen, who remembers just a bit more about WW2 than is comfortable for the Swiss.

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Again, I have to wonder why we get closer to the truth on the fake news than on the corporate real news.


Sun Bear said...

My Lithuanian godmother (who was a child in WWII) and her family escaped from a Nazi workcamp. They made their way to the Swiss border...where they were turned back. She had little or nothing good to say about the Swiss, to the day she died. The whole Swiss neutrality thing wasn't quite what it was cracked up to be, contrary to Hollywood.

Mo'in said...

Dear Mushtaq,

Thank you for this video. John Stewart is one of a kind!

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...


I'll be linking to this.....