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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best New Year's Idea I've seen in a long time

Move Your Money!

While the corporate dupes TeaBaggers do their best to make sure Americans remain the helpless victims of corporate parasitism, there is an actual grass roots movement that will have a positive impact on the lives of our citizens.

There is a Movement afoot to move your money from the large mega-banks to local community based banks. What could be more conservative than that?

Of course the real problem with today's so called "conservationism" is that it isn't. William F. Buckley Jr wouldn't even recognize the morons who claim to be "conservative" today.

They are though, exactly what our would-be corporate overlords want. People too stupid to pull the leaches from their throats, who in fact think that the parasites that feed off them are their friends.

If you are tired of people trying to make you into their serf, here's something you can do right now. Take your money out of the huge mega-banks, (you know the ones who are directly responsible for our present financial difficulties, the ones who have enough political clout to get the government to give them your tax money to save their asses when their greed and ineptitude caught up with them) and put it in local banks that actually serve your community.

They won't be "too big to fail" if your wealth is distributed more evenly among many small banks, savings & loans, and credit unions. Then B of A and Citi can go die a dog's death without (supposedly) taking the country with them.

We still have the power to vote with our wallets and our feet, either we begin to use it, or we might just as well get fitted for collars.

There is an organization called "Move Your Money" which will help you find local community banks in your area. They made this video to help people understand the need to do this.

Here's the beginning of one woman's chronicle of getting herself out form under B of A.

If you are interested in Credit Unions you can get information and ratings on your local establishments here.

There's nothing like actually doing something to change your circumstances.


Mo'in said...

Dear Mushtaq,

Thanks so much for posting these videos. I was not familiar with the Move Your Money site. I'll be going there now.

Happy New Year!

All good wishes,


Janet said...

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