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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ya know how dumb the "average guy" is?

Well, by definition, half the people out there are even dumber than that, and they all seem to be voting Republican these days. (with thanks to Robert Anton Wilson)

Here is a very interesting group of interviews from outside a book signing in Ohio.


Come on people! "Conservative" doesn't mean saving those brain cells for a rainy day. William F. Buckley must be turning in his grave.

I think you'd have to add everyone's numbers together just to get the IQ points out of double digits.

Seeing things like this always brings me back to the question "Have Americans become too stupid to survive?"


ROCKLAND said...

scary video to wake up to.
more coffee is needed.

steve-vh said...

"ya know, Larxism, Lennonism (he wouldn't know the diff), socialism"

We the Sheeple........

"We need to get the polar bears off of the endangered list so we can drill there"

Wow, could quote them all day