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Monday, October 19, 2009

Yeah, She's My Student

Of course I'm not her only coach, She trains at two other schools as well, and both of them have a lot to do with what you see below.

But she has been training with Steve and I since she was 12 and I think I can see a little of what she has been learning of my style of movement in what she does these days.

She has made great strides since I first met her. She was the youngest student I have ever taken on, usually I only work with adults, but she had a certain quality which I rarely see, even in adults.

Now she is a 4 time world champion full contact stick fighter. Soon she may be the next Zoƫ Bell, or she might be the next Elliot Ness (but cuter). But right now she is taking on "America's Got Talent.

I'm very happy to have helped a little in getting her where she is today.



TomN said...

Excellent performance, esp for 14 yo, keep this up & I think she'll join the ranks of Cynthia Rothrock & Cathy Long, it don't get any better than that. The martial arts are long over due for a new female superstar

Mushtaq Ali said...

yeah, she has the potential, that's for sure. I don't know what direction she will eventually go in, right now the world is all shiny and wide open to her, but one of her interests is stunt work/acting.

I should mention (if I don't she might just kick me once the next time I see her) that she is fifteen and will turn sixteen in a month or so. Time flies.

sabiwabi said...

Did I hear her say that she was in Milwaukee? Does that mean I missed her? Oh no!

Anyway, she is amazing, such incredible talent.