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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Useful material on running and other sports

With or without shoes

My friend Cody, who is one of the best personal trainers in the Bay area BTW, sent me a link last night. I have to admit it kept me up way past my bed time, because one thing just sort of lead to another.

There was a good deal of excellent material on running, most of which can be applies to other sports as well.

For anyone in the Saturday running group, you will find this group of links quite useful.

Most of what you see here is from "Live Science"

Music Benefits Exercise

Perfect Running Pace Revealed

The Physiology Of Speed

Runners Pace Themselves Into The Zone
I found this article to be particularly interesting since it gives some interesting insight as to why I burn less calories at a my favorite running pace than I do a slower pace.

Roots of Running Go Way, Way Back

Why We Walk Upright: Beats Being a Chimp

What Does 'Fast Metabolism' Mean?

Walk This Way: The Amazing Complexity of Getting Around

Exercise Improves Old Brains

Exercise Improves Kids' Academics

Why Extremist Views Dominate

Brain Learns to Detect Danger as a Baby Learns to Crawl


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sabiwabi said...

One weekend I am going to hole myself up in my office and get through all of this material, I swear.

Never enough time.