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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Then there are my own favorites

Along with the ones that people read the most, here are the things I have written that I rather like.

Slicing Time and Slicing Ego

I wrote this as an answer to a question from a friend, it's part of my "slicing time series".

Martial Arts and Self Defense
This is an essay on the false dichotomy that some people make (usually in order to promote the thing that they think will make them some money) between the two.

The Fine Print
Being a short story with a slightly Lovecraftian flavor.

Training and Recovery
This was some of my thoughts on how to train in such a way as to stay healthy.

Getting Behind the knife
Some of my thoughts on effective knife combat training.

The Dance of the New Moon
A Sufi story designed as either a test, or a conundrum.

The Real Origins of George Bush's Power
Another short tale drawing from the traditions of Lovecraft, Gurdjieff and Sufism.

I just got back from the 12th annual Sufism Symposium
There is a bit of mental nourishment found here.

The Descent of Inanna
A translation of a very old and interesting poem.

Did Someone Say Sex?
This one really pissed off the stuffed shirts (or stuffed djellabas as the case may be) making one of my favorites.



Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
I, too miss Shaykh Tijani. A truly unique individual. I had the honor and the pleasure of having him, Shaykh Durkee, and his wife over for dinner at my house in NC. I will never forget how marvelous it was to be in their presence, serve them, and eat at the same table with them! And that voice of his!! Ma Sha Allah!!! S

Anonymous said...

I think, it was a Google for Shaykh Ahmed Tijani that bring me to this blog.

I'm glad that I did... :)