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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Speaking as an Old Hippy

I found this rather interesting.

Looking inside the brain of someone who is tripping, from the National Geographic Channel.


Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
You reminded me of my 14 year-old self getting evaluated for epilepsy when what I really experienced were seizures preceding anaphylactic shock from penicillin. They must have improved on their electrodes by now, but at that time they were short needles attached to wires inserted beneath the scalp, one at a time all over the head. Excruciating pain. And then you had to endure the flashing of lights in your eyes and a myriad of moving patterns on a screen. But if there is one thing I am thankful for, it is that my father refused to put me on epilepsy meds. Of course, he is the one who made me take his penicillin pills when I was sick even after I reminded him that I had had a reaction before.... Now you know why I am so stubborn when it comes to taking pills..... : ) S

Mo'in said...

Dear Mushtaq,

Thank you for sharing this video. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. It certainly could be used by regulators and law-makers to justify further restrictions on entheogenic substances.

I do not see it as having any bearing whatsoever on the use of sacred plants in a cultural context in which they figure traditionally. Indeed, the anecdotes shared in the video involved folks eating acid and going to a party, far removed from a ritual setting. The very fact that those stories were sought demonstrates the researchers' angle.

The commentary made it very clear that the "tripping" was not in a spiritual context, but rather one of brain chemistry, all inside the tripper's head (to use their language). This kind of research will be rapidly picked up on by the camp that expounds that all spiritual experience derives from the brain, having nothing to do with the reality of spiritual reality.

All good wishes,


Anonymous said...

My only problem with scientific theory is that, in order for it to be legit, it must be disprovable.

Even atomic structure is only a tendency, based on certain evidence to suggest not only the tendency but the variable structure of everything as well.

I sat, once, in a prison cell, looking up all the etymologies of words pertaining to chemistry and, wouldn't you know it, every last one referred to myth.. mostly Greek or Roman, of course, but myth nonetheless.

Qur'an says every object in space has its own if to say, if I look for evidence to suggest the moon is the center of the universe, I could probably find it, regardless of how convenient it was to science.

Gotta go though...
the sylph is calling.

toby said...

It starts out interesting and then seems to take the easy, lazy way out by just quoting stupid ONDCP propaganda. LSD doesn't get mixed with anything in a meaningful fashion due to the phenomenally low effective dose. None of the things that are rumored to be mixed with it (strychnine, amphetamines, etc...) are effective at doses of less than a milligram. Which means you'd have a pile of powder on top of the piece of paper containing the LSD. The references to psychotic episodes are highly anecdotal and the focus on "bad trips" shows a strong bias.

There is fascinating science in psychoactives, it is unfortunately it has to be filtered through the puritanical views we see here.