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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Running in the Rain

An interesting happened last week.

A bunch of people here got together and decided that I was giving them a running clinic.

Then they told me about it (people know me too well).

The whole idea of running has sort of gone viral around here. When my friends started reading my blog posts a good number of them decided that they were interested, and they told some of their friends, and today I found myself in the neighborhood park with a group of people crazy interested enough to come out in the cold and the wet to try out some new running ideas.

We spent the first half hour going over the basic ideas involved in what I think of as "primitive" running technque and then got into some exercises to help them modify their stride.

Here I am talking about foot anatomy and demonstrating (in my groovy toe socks) how the foot evolved to work at walking and running paces.

After the exercises we took off for the practicum.

I had picked an area to run with a nice, gentle slope so that people could practice their stride while running uphill.

after about an hour of practice everyone was pretty much in the groove.

Here is the hearty crew of rain runners.

And here is a clip of our last run of the day.


Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
Looks like a great group of friends, and it looks like ya'll had fun! But, either it's the lighting or I don't know what, but your "toe socks" seem to be a shocking shade of "frostbite blue". Scared me for a minute there....... S

jasonencke said...

That's cool...I wish I could have been there. My wife Rebekah recently bought some socks similar to yours to go with her VFF's, except hers are rainbow colored, lol.

sabiwabi said...

There's something beautiful to that video. It's almost like performance art in a way.

Glad to see that rain running is catching on.