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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Six Most Popular Articles

I go over my stats for this site every now and then, and some interesting pattern do emerge.

There are posts I have made, some years ago, that are still being read with some frequency. I thought it might be interesting to mention the top six most read posts from The Traceless Warrior.

So in order of interest here is a list of what people look at the most.

Number Six
Martial Arts and Self Defense
written back in December of '04

Number Five
Slicing Time
Also written in '04 This was the first in a very well received series of articles.

Number Four
If Batman Existed He'd Train Like This
This was written in '07 responding to some comments about a friend.

Number Three
Overlooked knife Training Attributes
Written in '05, this was just some thoughts on practical knife use.

Number Two
How To Make A Cheap Kettlebell
This article has been quite popular since I came out with it in '07. The PDF has been downloaded hundreds of times. I haven't heard back from anyone who has made one and liked/hated it though.

Number One
The Sweetest Music You Never Heard
Written back in '04 this has been the single most popular article I have written to date, sometimes the hits are ten to one over other posts.

So there you have the six most popular posts on the site, enjoy.

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