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Saturday, October 17, 2009

More on the Ugly

Well, it looks like my old friend Buzz is not interested in a friendly match to settle differences.

Instead, I was contacted by famous internet troll and Silat pendekar Bobbe Edmonds who has offered a challenge instead. I guess this hearkens back to the old dueling tradition of "If you don't think you can win, hire a "champion" to do your fighting for you.

Even though he is 20 or more years my junior and has at least 70 lbs on me it only seems fair that I accept.

The Troll can arrange details through my friend Steve Van Harn.


Anonymous said...

slm sir,

i m a guy from malaysia and i have been following your blog for quite sometime.

u have accepted the guy challenge, in the event the fight happens is anyone going to be really hurt?


wah al-subangi

sabiwabi said...

Okay, I had to scroll down to read what this was all about, missed it before.

My opinion? I'd say DON'T fight him. Sending in his minions to do it for him is a total cop out. But if you go through with it, ha, I'll certainly be making some popcorn for this one.


Love it.

You'd better record it too.

(oh, and I agree with your philosophy of silence when dealing with internet blowhards and's so obnoxious the stuff they do. Kudos!)

Dragan Milojevic said...

Oh, and I was wondering for some time how come Bobbe's link is not among one's on your blog? Kinda hard to believe you people have made to drift apart to that extent...

Mushtaq Ali said...


It is fairly unlikely anyone would be seriously hurt. People fight full contact all the time, UFC, or Dog Brothers for instance, without serious injury, though with any sport there is always some risk, people get hurt playing basketball on a fairly regular basis. Life is full of risk.

I am not dumb enough to meet this guy other than on "neutral ground" being as I find him to be of questionable character, but it really is a no lose proposition for me. If he wins, he has beaten someone half his size and at least half again his age. If I beat him, he lost to an old man.

Sabi honom, I am sure that the match will be taped. All we are really fighting for is bragging rights. Steve's comment on the subject is spot on, such things never really prove much of anything other than who was better that day. I do think people should be willing to be accountable for their words and actions though. This is, at best an exercise in accountability.

Mushtaq Ali said...


His Choice, not mine.

Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
I am sorry to hear about this. All I can say is that I hope there will not be any "live" blades involved, but I am sure you know what you are doing. Please be careful. S

Anonymous said...

"If he wins, he has beaten someone half his size and at least half again his age. If I beat him, he lost to an old man."

Well, you come out well in both prospects then?

TomN said...

I was taught that " karate begins & ends w/ courtesy & respect ", and I thought that applies to all martial arts. It seems like the internet has taken away respect & honor from the martial arts. It seems like the keyboard is the new weapon of choice for those things you want to say but lack the courage to say to someones face

Mushtaq Ali said...

I hear you Tom,

The few times I have felt the need to deal with someone they are always surprised to find me in their face. Everyone talks, few back it up.

I suspect that the internet is a lot like being in a car, it gives you a sense of anonymity and invulnerability. When it doesn't prove to be the case people are shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YOU!