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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Digesting Bambi

Steve's final comments on the great running debate

I went back to my first comments here on the subject of running, in a respose to your original posting:

"I dunno. Since we didn't evolve to run barefoot on concrete, I believe you have to a long way to offset that. (Barefoot in the nice rain forest or even on moist sand? Yeah. Heavier than two hundred pounds on the sidewalk? With bad knees already?)

Not me."


"I was a fairly serious runner when I was young. Barefoot every summer as a kid; ran the 880 and mile in high school, and started training for a marathon back before there were many joggers of whom to speak. No running shoes in the local stores when I started doing six or so miles a day, so I started in Keds. Eventually found some racing flats, and eventually moved up to New Balance when I could find a pair.

Around the house, I still go barefoot more often than not.

At two hundred pounds, the stress on my feet and knees was too much to do it on concrete without some kind of padding. (That video of the slip of a girl -- what, eight-five pounds of her? -- running is nice, but I'm not a gazelle, I'm a rhino ...)

Moot, because I'm not running any more, but walking. A knee with half the meniscus gone isn't going to say quiet long if I start pounding it ..."

Since nothing you've said alters any of that -- and I'm the first to allow that my testimony is not science but anectdotal, by the by -- then we can keep spinning our wheels (or perhaps doing the cartoon feet version) but we aren't likely to get much traction, since we are coming back to points we started out agreeing on.

I wasn't offering that my way was the only way, or the best way, but that it is what worked for me. When I started running in Keds, and then racing flats, my feet hurt. When I got a pair of New Balance shoes, they stopped hurting. Hardly science, but hey, it is what it is.

I still haven't seen anything that says I'd be better off tossing my shoes and running barefoot on the sidewalks of the city, and that's the bottom line for where I stepped into the discussion.

When I was training for the Marathon, about forty miles a week, I had two injuries: One was a strained low back, brought on by a sudden bend and twist to attend to an untied shoe. The second was a badly-sprained ankle that resulted from a leap to avoid being run over by a drunk driver. Neither of these injuries could be attributed to my shoes as I see it. When I was running, my knees worked fine, feet were okay, hips, so while I can't offer any evidence that the running shoes I wore were responsible, my story is that they worked well enough to keep me from being sidelined. And since it only matters to me if it works for me -- which is where I entered this discussion, then probably we should quit while we are both ahead ...

Enjoyable exchange as always, my friend.

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