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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Bambi Dialectic

So there you have it folks, the great Running debate!

A few of you expressed some trepidation at the intensity of the debate, so let me assure you all that Steve and I remain friends and that there were never any hard feelings involved in this.

I look at this as a good example of using the dialectic to arrive at some higher order thinking.

The basic premis is that the thesis will be in some part true but have flaws, The antithesis will also have both truth and flaws. By banging the two violently together we can arrive at a synthesis which will hopefully be both purified of some of the flaws and incorporate the true parts of both the thesis and antithesis, thereby (hopefully) arriving at something that is of a higher order truth.

I particularly enjoy this sort of exercise with Steve because he is quite good at it, and he can enjoy a good verbal scrap without some of the ego involvement found in lesser individuals.

For those of you that were worried that we were "fighting", think of it in the same way as if we were having a friendly sparring match (both of us being dabblers in Silat and all) We would be doing our best to tag each other and neither of us would disrespect the other by dummying for him. But it wouldn't be a fight. So relax.

If you go over the exchange I think you will find much food for thought, all you need is an open mind and careful evaluation of the information. Whatever opinions you form, I can pretty much grantee, will be much better informed by absorbing the exchange.

So I'm off to get my winter boots out of mothballs, it's getting cold here.


Mo'in said...

Dear Mushtaq,

It's funny that a few have expressed "some trepidation at the intensity of the debate." I sensed just the opposite.

I sensed both sides as assertively but professionally presenting their opinions. Indeed, one of the aspects I most enjoyed about this discussion was not the running debate itself, but rather the direct politeness with which each participant engaged the other.

Let it be an example of how two persons, two nations, may disagree and still go home to a hot meal together.


All good wishes,


Anonymous said...

You have a habit of beating the crap out of people and then awarding them with enlightenment.

Did I learn this from you?