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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A new toy!

This just came a couple days ago..

And it is WAY KEWL!

It is a dual timer/stop watch called a Gymboss.
I have been wanting something like this for quite a while, having gotten quite tired of using two standard timers if I want to do rounds and rest intervals of different times, or Tabata sets and the like.

The Gymboss allows me to set two different times such as 2 minute rounds with 1 minute rest periods between them, then tell it how many rounds I want to do, say 8 for instance. Then all I have to do is hit start and the little box takes care of all my timing for me. It will beep at the start and end of each round and count off the rest time in between the rounds.

It can be set to vibrate as well as beep (or instead of beeping) which I love when I am doing Tabata sets (that would be 20 second highest intensity with 10 second rests for 8 rounds). Sometimes I am going with such focus that I won't notice a beep right off. The vibrate function helps a lot in these situations.

You can also set the volume and duration for the beeps, which is quite thoughtful of the makers. Also with the push of a button it becomes a basic stop watch, which is a handy feature.

The device is the size of a small pager (do you remember pagers?) and seems pretty rugged. The clip is long enough to fit even the rigger belt I wear most of the time. I did add a tether just because I have never met a clip I couldn't find some way to work off my belt it I tried hard enough.

The cost was about US $20 with very reasonable shipping. They are a Michigan company, so I paid a bit more with sales tax, but I was happy to be able to support a local business, it all balances out.

The Gymboss has proved to be a boon to both my own workouts and those of my clients and students. I'm liking it a lot and if you do any kind of interval training I recommend it.


ush said...

This is very very cool, and cheap as chips too. Nothing worse than trying to reset a timer while you're wearing a pair of padded gloves!!

Mushtaq Ali said...

Nothing worse than trying to reset a timer while you're wearing a pair of padded gloves!!

Exactly right!

Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
Yes, I do remember pagers, and I do remember when there was no such thing as pagers. And I remember watching Star Trek on TV and thinking how great it would be to have those little "communicators"!! Well, here we are!! I didn't know how we ever survived without pagers, and now I don't know how we ever survived without cell phones..... S

P.S. I have about 10 stop watches/timers (hanging from lanyards), 6 of which definitely work, 4 that may just need new batteries, if you want them. But, they tend to "go off" at some pre-set intervals, and I don't know if that would cause "alarm" for the postal crew....... (They are an inheritance from a fellow science teacher from a school I used to work for).

Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
From my post above it is obvious that I am "stopwatch illiterate". I honestly don't know how to turn off the "alarm" function on these silly little things. I have been putting up with their "going off" for about 7 years now, and I am amazed at myself and my ability to "tune things out". I'm also very impressed with the batteries in them!! What a long life!! They didn't come with an instruction manual, and they never really bothered me, but now I'm curious to see if I can figure out how to turn them off. Then I wouldn't mind sending them to you if you like. They are made by the Frey Scientific Company...... S