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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Crazies are at it again

Just in time for Darwin Day.

November 22 will mark the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin's "Origin of Species"

So of course the so called "Religious Right" (code word for "those who want to return to a medieval world-view) are up in arms.

The first inkling I had of this was an article in "The Telegraph" taking note of the fact that a very fine biography of Darwin done in Britan could not find an American distributer because they all were afraid of the Fundamentalists. Now this is an award winning movie with a stellar cast, including Paul Bettany as Charles Darwin and Jennifer Connelly as Emma Darwin.

So here we are in the land of "free speech" and everyone is afraid to screen a first class movie because it might upset the "Evangelicals". Of course there is the fact that said so called "Christians" are getting as violent as the Taliban may have something to do with it.

Then today I discover that Kirk Cameron, failed sit-com actor and right wing evangelical shill (I guess that's where you go when you can't even hold down a part on "Growing Pains") is fronting for an organization that plans to distribute 50,000 copies of an altered version of "Origin of Species" to students at various universities across the USA. This "very special edition" will have a fifty page preface filled with neo-conservative evangelical pseudo-logic "proving" that Darwin was wrong ant that reading him will lead to contracting warts, piles and the gout or some such nonsense.

The very best response to this silliness comes from a young Romanian woman...

Rather succinctly put!

There is more to this though. Being from a former Soviet Block country, she may have learned about "Lysenkoism" and what a detrimental effect it had on Soviet bio-sciences. (we certainly don't mention it in our educational system)

There is nothing quite like a religious/political mandate on reality to stifle progress in its tracks. Personally, I find it somewhat embarrassing that Americans need to be schooled in the concept of freedom by someone from outside our country, but it seems we do.

Here's the thing. Evolution is not a theory, it is an observable fact of nature. "Natural Selection" is a theory on how evolution operates. It is the best (most successful in producing observable results) of several theories about how evolution works, therefore it is the most useful.

There has, to my knowledge, never been even one scientific discovery that came out of taking "creationism" seriously. Not One. There have been thousands of extremely useful scientific discoveries from taking natural selection seriously. You do the math.

Creationism does not describe how the universe works, it describes neolithic and bronze age metaphor about the real world that is not as effective in describing reality as scientific metaphor is.

So here's the facts.

The Earth is not flat
The Sun does not revolve around the earth
The earth is not the center of the universe
The moon is not made of green cheese
The world will not come to an end if Gay people get married
Evolution is a fact of biology

The real, burning questions is:

Have Americans become too stupid to survive?

The number of people who eat daily at "fast food" joints suggests yes, the number of people who are nothing more than tape recorders made from meat for their religious/political/social groups suggest yes.

But yet I have hope (Pollyanna optimist that I am)


DefSufi said...

Very cool! I checked out her other vids on YouTube, and they are equally bang on! Thanks for the heads up!

Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
I get very angry anytime I hear any "American" defending "Our Country" and "Its Religion" against "All Others" when we STOLE it at point of death from someone else. What kind of freedom do we pretend to uphold when we stripped whole Native nations of their freedoms and their very lives to make it "Ours" and then quarantined them and left them to live in misery. And how can we be so arrogant as to say WE are "Americans" and people "fresh off the boat" are not when we know good and well that we all came from "somewhere over there" ourselves at some point back in time. And yes, it seems that we do need to be set straight by those looking into our little box from the outside. We are a very confused and mixed up bunch of people, I am sad to say. I guess I am an "Air Force Brat" after all..... S

steve-vh said...

"The sure sign that there is intelligent life in the universe is the fact that it has never tried to contact us" - Bill Waterson (Calvin and Hobbes)

Mo'in said...

Dear Mushtaq,

Thank you for this informative and entertaining post!

"...tape recorders made from meat..."


All good wishes,


Steve Perry said...

I bet she gets a thousand proposals of marriage -- and other things -- ever week.

B said...

It' this kind of rubbish that was the final push I needed to not teach high school science. I'm not going to be afraid to teach an accepted fact for fear of some whack-job parent gunning for my job because I said something that the people who speak for their omnipotent invisible friend don't agree with.

Debate? I'll do it. Argue? I'll pass. I'm too young for blood pressure this high.

Dan Gambiera said...

Never mind that
1) Darwin was a Wedgewood and married into another branch of the Wedgewoods - notorious for abolitionism, worker's rights and suffragism

2) He explicitly and repeatedly stated that his theories demonstrated the common descent of humanity and used it as a reason to deny the prevalent racism of his day

3) He refused to publish for many years out of regard for the feelings of his devoutly Christian wife

4) He was roundly condemned in his day for supporting radical notions like the equality of all humanity

5) The Nazis were downright hostile to evolutionary biology, preferring their Hollow Earth, "Age of Fire and Gravel" and other self-serving lies

None of that matters. The Blood Drinkers have come up with another smear on a good man and will smugly pat themselves on the back for it.