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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

ummm... Excuse me Captain.....

But I think we need an immediate course correction!

I was out biking around town today. It was a beautiful day, the temperature was about 75 f, the sun was out, there were a lot of people on the street. about one out of every three people I saw today was overweight, about one in seven was obese. It was downright scary to see what we are becoming

This is what Humans are meant to be...

and this....
(notice the ongoing laughter?)

But this is what we are becoming

It's kind of sad really.

I ran across a book a little while ago which I found to be to the point on this subject. It's called "The End of Overeating" by David A. Kessler, MD. If you have ever wondered how we have become the fattest nation on earth (we even make the Saudis look thin) this is the place to start.

It even has some constructive suggestions on what to do about the problem.

It is worrisome that so many of us have become disconnected from our bodies. Personally I find it the obesity epidemic to be scarier than global warming.


Guro Brian said...


Funny thing is that I was going to post a blog entry on the subject of obese karate "masters" know, the instructors with huge bellies and I was going to point out the terrible message they are sending to children.

Recently, I went to Florida for a week long family vacation. I was stunned to see the number of obese people on the flight. Unbelievable. Having watched a member of my family of origin become obese, I can say that there are devastating consequences to being obese.

Great post.


Salma said...

Living our "modern-day" lives has driven us so far away from our natural state of living in intimate contact with our Mother Earth that we have become sick- physically and emotionally. And we don't even know it. I have been saving an article that I tore out of an "Innerchange" magazine that I picked up at Whole Foods Market so many years ago that the paper is yellow and brittle. It is by a nature awareness and primitive living skills teacher of the Nature Awareness School in Virginia by the name of Del Hall, although I don't know if his school still exists at this time. The article is entitled, "Do You Have Time to Connect With Nature?" Thanks for the post, Mushtaq. We all need to reconnect in many ways.

Janet said...

Amazing what can be done with a stick, a strap and a tree...and a bit of gumption.

I second the recommendation for Kessler's book. Fascinating stuff.

Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
Just out of curiosity, and because I thought you might find such a place interesting, I did a search on the Web and found that the school I mentioned in my previous post does in fact exist. Their website is The school is in Lyndhurst, Virginia. They seem to be in line with all that you have been promoting, though I have not taken a careful look at their site yet..... S

Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
P.S. The same article that I tore out of that magazine is on their website under the heading "Connect to Nature"! Very interesting to find it on the internet and compare it to my time-weathered copy....word for word. Another full circle of sorts...... I hope you like the website. S

Mushtaq Ali said...

Guru Brian,

Great minds think alike :-)

I had just been contemplating the various MA and self defense teachers I have run across who, to put it indelicately, haven't seen their dicks in years. As well as the ones who chain smoke, or drink enough to pickle a whale's liver (and in some cases all three at once). Some of them had some real skill, but have let themselves fall apart physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is bad enough for those who teach just adults, but for the ones who run kids classes I think it's a crime.

You can't expect kids to stay fit and enjoy being in their bodies if all they have is bad examples.

BTW, I just checked out your blog, nice! I liked your video clips a lot.

Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
This is truly a day for full circles! While transferring some books :) from a cardboard box to a more durable plastic tote, I was blown away when I came across "The Way of the Scout" by Tom Brown, Jr. Now, didn't I just read on the Nature Awareness School website that Del Hall, the teacher of the school, was trained by the very same Tom Brown, Jr.? I went back to the website, and sure enough, he was! Amazing! :) S

sabiwabi said...

Mushtaq, great post and I couldn't agree with you more. People kill themselves with food every day and don't even realize it.