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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thought of the Day

Father Anthony De Mello SJ is proof that it does not matter so much which path to the truth you take, you just have to finish the journey.


Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
I am so glad you brought the subject of "being awake" and "being aware" up again. And I know this was the "Thought of the Day" for today. But, I need to "go to sleep" and listen to this talk again tomorrow when I "wake up" because it is getting late, and I cannot even try to formulate any intelligent comments on such an important subject as this until I have had "some sleep", so ..... God Natt... S

Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
When I worked at the Montessori School, the last thing I would do every afternoon was to tear the page for the day out of our Zen Calendar and take it home with me. This was the quote by Muso Kokushi on March 12, 2008:

When you walk, watch the walking;
When you sit, watch the sitting.
When you recline, watch the reclining;
When you see and hear, watch the seeing and hearing;
When you notice and think, watch the noticing and thinking.
When joyful, watch the joy.
When angry, watch the anger.

Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
The quote from the same Zen Calendar (see above) for March 5, 2008 is by Liu Chiang-Ch'ing:

Walking along a mountain path
I find a sandal-print in the moss,
a billowy cloud low on the lake,
grasses growing up to a door,
a pine tree shimmering green,
a brook gurgling along from the mountain,
and as I mingle with Truth among the flowers,
I have forgotten what to say.