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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a little food for thought

Having had to dodge morons driving while using hand held cell phones,either talking or texting, too many times I think that this is a great video.

Though it seems to have upset some people.

Warning, this is somewhat graphic, which is the point.

Personally, I'm grateful to the people who made it and hope it gets a wide viewing.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mushtaq,
Have you ever seen the movie, "Goodbye Mr. Chips?" I saw it when I was very young. (I don't know why my parents took me to see it), but if I remember correctly, there is a scene in the movie of a young soldier, upright, but dead, eyes staring straight ahead, that I will never forget. Maybe my military father wanted me to see the reality of war. I don't know. But, this type of video, in my opinion, is what every new driver ought to watch. It all goes back to being awake. Do we really do things in a state that could qualify as being awake? Especially driving. Do we realize what we are doing? My father told me to treat a car like a loaded gun. I will admit that I had to walk away from the computer about halfway through, being as sensitive as I am. But, this doesn't discount what I said about new drivers. And we all could use a wakeup call every now and then. S

Salma said...

P.S. I am not "Anonymous" (above), I am Salma. I just forgot to fill in the "Name" box. S

Steve Perry said...

I'm with you -- I think everybody who owns a cell phone should have to watch this and pass a test on it before they get a driver's license ...

WA has had laws against cell phones by driver for a year or two; Oregon just passed one.

Phone rings, tell 'em hold on, and pull over, or that you'll call them back when you get stopped.