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Monday, August 03, 2009

The Green Man

The Stick Fighter's Speed Bag

This device is usually called a "de cuerdas" (cuerda means string or cord in Spanish).

Usually you have two sticks tied in the middle with a light rope and anchored to the ground.

I added a face and heart target to this one just for fun. When I hang these I do so with the weight at the bottom barly touching the ground so that the device will move and wobble around as it is struck.

I also slant the lower stick so that it can come at you either above or below the knee.

When you get one of these set up you can go at it with various length sticks or training knives (don't use live blades, you go through too much rope that way) The fun part is that it will dance around and try to hit you back.

I call this training tool "the green man" because of the face target and because I put it together at the beginning of summer.

When you are short a sparring partner this is the next best thing for working on your speed and responsiveness.


Salma said...

A very handsome "Green Man". But where are his antlers? S

Mo'in said...

Dear Mushtaq,

Thank you for showing this training device. It looks easy and affordable. It'll be a great kali aid..m

IRTBrian said...

These are great devices! Enjoy!