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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Food for thought

Here is President Obama's address to the nation this week on health care.

As you can see, it is well thought out, reasonable and rational. It addresses both real concerns and the lies of the crazies.

And here Lawrence O'Donnell s Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) and exposes him for the lying sack of horse dung that he is.

Don't be fooled! This isn't a debate about so called "socialism" it is a debate about whether the citizens of the US continue to be the hosts to a bunch of parasites. We pay more for health care here than anywhere else in the world, but there are about 38 other countries who pay less than we do and get BETTER CARE!

Take a look at the interview, then take a look at where this scumbag gets his money.

It's time that we stop allowing the people who we put in office to represent US to be bought by big business.

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Anonymous said...

Funded by: Honeywell, Schering-Plough, Houston Executive Airport and Boeing. In addition: voted 19% by NAACP, -20 by NORML, 5% by LCV (therefore he tends to not give a flying rat's ass about taking care of the earth). He also voted No on restricting no bid defense contracts. Check out Wikipedia for more scintillating details! Note: in Canada here, we voted Tommy Douglas the Greatest Canadian of all time (because he spearheaded the initiative to establish Universal Health Care). In fifty or sixty years I'd like to see Obama on such a list for the U.S.