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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A tree, a few found items, and a little imagination

is pretty much all you need for some really good training.

A while back I ran across a video on YouTube of a guy who id doing some very interesting work along the lines of "natural" fitness training. I was pretty impressed with him over all and really liked what he did with a piece of nylon strap in particular.


I liked it so much in fact that I made my own the next day.

It's simple to construct. I picked up a 15' long 1 1/2" wide tow strap from Harbor Freight for about $8.00 and removed the hooks from either end (saving them for other kewl outdoor gym stuff) Then I mesured off the length I needed and stitched the hand loops for the strap.

My student Adam doing pull-ups with the strap

That's all there is to it. Once you're done (about 30 minutes from start to finish) you have an incredibly versatile, highly portable training tool.

Adam doing leg lifts

I often wrap mine around my waist like a belt and take it with me biking and hiking. When I find someplace interesting I can play to my hearts content.

Along with the strap I have a few other items I use in my backyard training area. The one below is the stick fighters equivalent of a heavy bag.

Adam whacking Mr Happy

It consists of a log wrapped in rope with a tire hung under it and an anchor weight to keep the swinging down (but not stop it all together) the contraption is hung from a tree limb then beaten mercilessly. I prefer this to a stack of tires or a tire nailed to a post as it is more lively, and a bit unpredictable. I use this to develop power strikes and for endurance work.

I use a different toy for speed and finesse. I'll post something on that next time


Salma said...

Your "strap" and "Mr. Happy" remind me of my homemade Science Experiments! :) Make do with what you have has always been my motto! (Who says you need a "graduated cylinder"!) S

P.S. I've always said that it takes a genius to make something out of nothing..... (...or maybe someone else said this?) Obviously, I'm not a genius. :)

Mo'in said...

Thank you Mushtaq for sharing these homemade and quite affordable training devices. I've explored much of this through Ross Enamait's materials. Yours today is a great addition. Thanks! m

Mo'in said...

Dear Mushtaq,

Thank you so much for sharing the walkingmountain video. Very, very nice...m