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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Racist McCain

Like all the Republican politicians John McCain relies on mob mentality and ignorance, that's his base.

Mark my words, before this ends we will see the crosses burning on the hills.


Bobbe Edmonds said...

Exactly WHY am I hearing the theme from "Deliverance" here?

It's always difficult for me to explain to people why I left South Carolina. May I use this video as "Exhibit A".

Mushtaq, I apologize, but this video negates all your arguments to me about the existence of a God. There is no way a higher intelligence would waste skin on something like these people.

fairuza said...

Like I was saying over at another blog yesterday, they remind me of the people from the cartoon in "Bowling for Columbine".

Remember this line? "I luvs my gun, I just luvs my gun".

Racism is alive and well, duh....I can't believe people ever thought it had died.

B said...

I know exactly where this town is and can be there in less than 2 hours. I was never so embarrassed and ashamed to be from Ohio.

I am truly ashamed since this was done by an international news agency again adding to the view that Americans are racist, insular, and proudly ignorant.

For all Ohioans everywhere, I apologize.

Michael B. said...

This is not surprising at all. As a matter of fact it is right on schedule. This country is so far behind the tolerance curve that we may never catch up. Hatred, bigotry and stupid white crackers are a part of the makeup of the USA just as the stars are a make up for the flag. Different day...same old shit!