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Monday, October 06, 2008

Obama to McCain "I'll see your Rev. Wright and raise you a Charles Keating"

And it's about time too!

John McCain was right in the middle of the last big finantial melt down, and I suspect had a lot to do with it since Charles Keating was his BFF



Check out Keating Economics and then spread the word.

The reason we are about to have a great economic crash and most of us are going to lose what little we have left after eight years of mismanagement by BushCo is because The Republicans let the banks do whatever they wanted. (Like John McCain says "I'm a deregulator")

Remember, the only similarity between Comunism and Free Market Capitalism is that they both don't work.


Anonymous said...

I keep hearing that the current mess is all Clinton's fault, and that this is what you get when you loan to those darn minorities.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this. It is good to hear the inside scoop on these sorts of things, otherwise the average Joe like myself would have a more difficult time seeing the real story. Real stories get covered up by Rhetoric and Lies by people without conscience. The crisis happened because greedy people at the top were allowed to break the rules that people below them have to follow. In playing the financial game the rules have to be established and followed....otherwise the game won't work properly. It's shameful.