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Monday, October 20, 2008

More of the Republican Base

If the racial and religious bigotry of this woman doesn't scare you, as well as her ignorance appall you, then you have missed something somewhere.

This is where the Republicans and John McCain want our country to go, this is the future under Republican rule.


steve-vh said...

Gotta love that eye rolling of confident superiority.
This is one of the gret things about Youtube - it's out there.

B said...

"He knows what the right decision is."--Divorce? That's probably what would be best for him.

Dan Gambiera said...

And to think that her vote counts exactly the same as Colin Powell's or Paul Krugman's.

Anonymous said...

Like a brick wall: nothing's getting in. Solidified and inflexible, if she ever had an epiphany it would kill her.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, the video was off YouTube by the time I tried to watch it, anyone has another link or the video's title? Dying to watch this. :)