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Thursday, September 11, 2008

So do you want to understand what McCain is doing?

I mean with the Palin thing and such-like?

It's a matter of perception and gender of course! Just take this simple test and you will see what I mean.

Watch the video all the way through and do the count as accurately as you can. If you like you can tell me what your count was in the comments (there will be a prize for the first person who gets it right).

Below is my commentary, you will have to use your mouse to highlight the text as I don't want to give away the number.

OK, if you went through the video you see that most people miss the gorilla. This is something that is happening right now, to you. You need to ask yourself "while I am distracted by counting Sarah Palin's many failings, what is the republican gorilla doing?"

It's all smoke and mirrors designed to keep you distracted so that when the republicans try to steal the election (again) you won't notice.

Every "pig in lipstick" furor is nothing more than asking you to "count the passes"

Wake up before you lose your country.

McCain lies
Palin lies
The Republicans lie

Four more years of living the Republican lie means that America falls



fairuza said...

I loved this! I got this in an email a while back and could not believe that I completely missed the gorilla! I felt like a total a##.

It IS exactly what the Republicans are doing! No doubt about it. Palin will go done in history as being "the lipstick trick".

Brilliant chess move on McCains' part. But what else would you expect from a man of war?

BTW, do I get the prize? I counted 13.....

B said...

Neat! I saw the Gorilla the firs time, but I didn't see that he had stopped in the middle of the shot and faced the camera. The first time I viewed it I thought he only walked across the camera.

What is hidden in plain sight?

steve-vh said...

I got 17 ;-) What did you get.

Jamil said...

I counted 17 and did notice the gorilla but not until he was walking away from the group. I also didn't notice the first time he stopped and faced the camera.