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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

McCain Lies, Palin Lies

The Republicans lie

You have been lied to for the last eight years. Those lies have brought about the near downfall of our country.

If you vote for John McCain you are voting for the lies that have wrecked our economy and sent our money into the pockets of the mega-corps, the Mid East and Communist China. But Americans have been cyniclly conditioned to believe Republican lies over the last thirty years or so.

Before we can break our addiction to foreign oil we must first break our addiction to Republican lies.

I know that all the Right Wingers want to believe that they are correct about all the things they have belived about themselves and our country But reality has caught up with them.

Republicans have drivwen this country into a ditch, they have ruined our econemy and done it all with lies.

Republicians Lie!

Check out this from CNN



1 comment:

fariuza said...

I loved this, thanks!

It is funny how they mentioned that the republican base is "conditioned" to believe the lies. They are absolutely right...and it's exactly why I call them "pod people".