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Monday, September 01, 2008

John McCain chooses the "Tonya Harding" of politics as his running mate

And soul mate as well it seems.

Meet Sarah Palin (shown here in a shot from collage that would have made Britney Spears proud). John McCain's pick for Vice President (I suspect the emphasis here is on "Vice") seems to be the poster girl for Miss trailer trash 2008. (A title currently held by "mean" Jean Schmidt of Ohio)

After a stunning run in the local PTA, and a stint as mayor of a town with more caribou than people, she is elected to run what is arguably the most corrupt State Government in the USA.

The tee shirt reads "I may be broke but I'm not flat busted"

I just can't help being reminded of Ms. Harding when I see Palin.

I just have to wonder if the Secret Service shouldn't up the security on Senator Biden's kneecaps.

(And ya just know that there is going to be a sex tape in this somewhere).


fairuza said...

What cracks me up the most is that her 17 year old daughter, Bristol, is unmarried, pregnant and yet all the Neocon bloggers are gushing over the fact that she is "going to marry the father and keep the baby". Hypocrites to the max!

I think picking this lady will prove to be a train wreck decision for McCain, I really do.

Cannot WAIT to see her debate Biden!

Sean said...

Thing is, you can be 100% NeoCon or SuperLib... at the end of the day, your kids will still make mistakes/do something stupid/get knocked up. Because the Right stakes claim to the moral high ground (which neither side has) it is that much more ironic when stuff like this happens.

Hypocritical? Sure. The more rigid your philosophy, the easier it is to mold/ spin / contort events to your worldview and that is what they are doing.

I think Obama showed he was a stand-up guy with his response to the story - it was impressive ( and I think some of the new polling shows it).

B said...

Palin scares the life out of me. In her short political career she's set a precedent of firing those who oppose her. Most scary a librarian because she would not ban books!

McCain is hot tempered, impulsive and will be the oldest president ever elected to a single term who also has a history of cancer! She's a hot tempered heart attack or malignancy away from being the most powerful person in the world!

I'm scared.

Sun Bear said...

I don't hold the t-shirt against her, the issues with her kids, or her husband's ancient DUI. What I object to is her stated willingness to go to war with the Russians, her willingness to be associated with people like McCain, and the hypocrisy of her conservatism, which embraces the "Right to Life" while promoting the Neocon "Culture of Death" capitalist war machine... In my book, most people who are able to run successfully for public office are, by definition, unfit to hold said office.