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Saturday, September 13, 2008

God offers His opinion

on the election!

Do you remember when the Democratic convention was going on, all the evangelicals were praying for rain? They wanted Obama's speech to get rained out, but as it happened the night of Obama's speech was as clear as a bell, warm and comfortable, the stars twinkled down on Obama as only happens in the South West.

On the other hand, the Republican convention got hurricane Gustav, they even had to push its opening back a day. Now we have hurricane Ike pounding Texas, the home state of George W Bush.

It seems to me that God has let us know what he thinks of Right Wingers, so called Evangelicals that think they have God in their pockets, Republicans who wear their religion on their sleeves while being complete hypocrites, and George Bush along with his whole Texas Mob (like the criminal Tom DeLay)

God has shown us that He doesn't like them very much, that he will not only NOT answer their prayers but that He will visit on them what they ask to be given to others.

Lets see how smug they are after a bit of this. Perhaps now they will actually read the the teachings of Jesus (as) They should start with Mathew 5 through 7.

If you don't actually follow the teachings of Jesus (as) then you have no business calling yourself a Christian. Better you should call yourself a Paulian, or a James Dobsonian or a I-hate-everyone-who-is-not-like-me-ian.

But God WILL notice, and when you pray for rain you will get an answer you don't like.


Anonymous said...

"Thou shalt not use the Lord thy God like unto a political football."

Sun Bear said...

I've said for a long time that Bush and company were idolators and blasphemers one and all, according to the tenets of the faith they profess to follow. There is a certain irony to recent events...

Steve Perry said...

I have to say, given the hiistory of mankind, that I believe God normally doesn't bother to answer His phone when He get telemarketing calls.

Nor do I believe that Jesus much cares who wins a track meet, though He gets a lot of thanks from the runners.

If you have two guys who are praying for victory and they are both members in good standing of the religion in question, which one wins?

Jas. the Hidden said...

I think that's where the Russian proverb comes in: "Pray to God, fine, but keep rowing for shore."

Or maybe it's the one who takes the St. Augustine route, praying to God but also to Nike (goddess of victory, not the sports equipment company)?

Then again, considering the effect of the high tech swimsuits on the Olympics, maybe praying to the sports equipment company works, too? *grin*

Janet said...

Do we actually think these morons will see the irony? Or take the "message from God" to their shrunken little hearts....

Mushtaq Ali said...

Do we actually think these morons will see the irony?

Mostly no, I don't. It has been my experience that people who suffer from this type of religious mania will sort to find "evidence" to support their position no matter what happens.

Still, it pleases me to occasionally drop a very small monkey wrench into the vast set of gears that is human belief systems.

Anonymous said...

Someday, hopefully soon, a probably Chinese geneticist will discovery the chromosome that leads to Republican behavior (and appearance --- did you see all those fat bellies at their convention --- and then a gene therapy will be developed to cure them. I think it is our only hope.