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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

¿Dónde está España?

¿Quién es Señor Zapatero?

This is almost too weird, John McCain does not know where Spain is or who its President is. (hat tip to AmericaBlog for this story).

TPM broke the story and I didn't quite believe it at first, but I went and listened to the interview and the account that is given on AbericaBlog is spot on.

I guess that without Joe Lieberman at his shoulder correcting his gaffs, McCain's real knowledge of the world is a lot more apparent. You would thing that McCain's handlers would have given him at least a basic breifing (Now remember John, Spain is in Europe - yes, I know they talk funny there - and the name of its president is Zapatero, no, Za-pa-tero John)

This could be seen as a major insult to the people of Spain.

John McCain after his interview

So today's question is:

Would you be more or less likely to vote for McCain if you knew that he had early stage Alzheimer's Disease?

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After all, Ronald Reagan....