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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Madonna's Sufi/Fourth Way Video

Life is Strange.


Janet said...


fairuza said...

First Kabbalah, now Tasawwuf?!!!

Will she EVER quit?

BTW, I don't read Arabic, can anyone tell us what those words say?

Anonymous said...

That was incredible. -- David

Salma said...

The Arabic words say:
"Try to forget every.....and that you learned." Unfortunately there is a foot covering the word that belongs in the ...... At the end of the video Madonna says, "Try to forget all that you've ever learned." There is not always a direct translation.

Mushtaq Ali said...


Strangely enough Fairuza, I was just thinking that you and Salma might find each other interesting, and now here you are, at the beginning of a potential conversation.


Salma said...

Hi Fairuza,
I would be happy to talk to you some more, although I'm not sure this "little box" is the best place. Mushtaq has my contact information if you would like to have that "potential conversation" that he hinted at.

fairuza said...

Wa Salaam

I am always up for a "potential conversation". LOL

Salma, if you leave a comment on my blog, your email info will pop up in my inbox. I can get your contact info that way. Thanks. :)

Salma said...

Salaam, Fairuza....
Could you please tell me how to access your blog? Thanks, Salma

fairuza said...

Yeah, just click on my name 'Fairuza', posted above my comment here, and there you go.

Salma said...

Hello, Fairuza!
I just wanted you to know that I followed your instructions above. However, my computer skills are severely lacking, so I found myself trying to read your "About Us" article by moving the little arrows right and left and up and down in the little window space. Quite maddening, to say the least. So, until my son has time to show me how to make an "icon" for my "desktop" for your blog, here is the best I can do as far as conversation goes. (Sorry Mushtaq, for taking up so much room on your blog). Well, Waddayaknow, both of my parents grew up in Madison, Wisconsin! And, as far as "crazy" heritage goes, imagine what it must be like to have Norwegian, Irish, English, and German genes all rolled up inside of one person? (That would be me). Well, that's all for now. I hope to be able to use a different method of communication soon. Salma

fairuza said...

Hey Salma, I hope you can navigate your way over to my blog soon. Sounds like we'd have a lot in common. Your parents are from MADISON?! Ahhh, one of my favorite cities! We were actually planning to drive over there next Saturday for the farmers market and a full day of State Street. Madison is the best! I promise I will do a picture blog afterwards so you can enjoy it too.