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Friday, July 18, 2008

Some truth about oil drilling

The brilliant and articulate Naomi Klein has a bit of discussion on energy with the 'droids at Fox "News".

The opinion casters at Fox, though they try to be condescending and trivializing, do not manage to stop the truth from being told.

One thing that does not get mentioned enough is the fact that oil companies are as likely to be selling any Alaskan oil to China as they are to the States. That is how the West Coast "price spike" that happened back in '99 came about. BP (British Petroleum) found that they could make more money selling American oil drilled out of Alaska to Asia than by selling it in the States. (Welcome to the "free" market)


Anonymous said...

It's funny how the hosts seemed to be emphasizing "what can help us with the oil crisis, right now/immediately?"

Yet when dipping into the oil reserves was brought up, they very quickly changed their tune and claimed to be all for long term strategies instead.

Frankly, that's great to hear...because oil is not going to be around forever at the rate we're using it.

So alternative energy is the only true long term strategy. Glad to have the Fox hosts aboard!

Janet said...

While reading the Orlando paper this morning waiting for my flight, I was horrified to see ALL the opinions were pro- drilling and anti anything else... scary and disturbing to witness the FOX news influence so strong.

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody, it's the big lie!

The lie, and the entire purpose of this piece of political theatre, is the implication that ANYONE other than the Bush administration has anything to do with high oil prices.

ANWR drilling will not influence prices a jot for ten years or more, will serve to delay solar further, and will allow oil executives to further enrich themselves with control over a limited-supply energy market.

It's typical republican bullshit.

You know how I knew right away that this whole thing was a complete filthy lie and snowjob?

Because republicans were talking.