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Thursday, June 26, 2008

So, I'm in a debate with some Christians

Which has been taking up some of my time of late.

They are actually pretty decent people and the discussion has been quite friendly.

A couple of people have wondered how I manage to stay mellow during these dissuasions. It is actually quite easy, I listen to the right music.

I particularly like to listen to the music of the Syrian Church to help me keep focus when talking about things biblical, Here is one of my favorites for your consideration.

This is the incomparable Lisa Gerrard singing the Abwoon (the lord's prayer) in Aramaic, the language that Yeshua ben Maryam (Jesus) spoke.



Jeanne said...

Hi Mushtaq,
I followed that thread closely but have been staying out of the discussion. After all, I am "only a woman", and Thomas Aquinas (was it?) wrote in "Imitation of Christ" to "avoid the company of women..."
Gee, when I read that at 17 (at a religious retreat), I thought, "How do I avoid my own company?" and yet another brick fell out of the wall of my strict Catholic upbringing.

Because of that thread, I finally made it to your website which is wonderful, and am enjoying the Syrian church music clip. My personal favorite is Gregorian Chant. I was in choir in high school and the best memory of that time is singing the verses during solemn high mass at the beautiful cathedral in Sacramento. The choir master was also a singer & wonderful violinist and even the priests had great voices. The "interplay" back and forth among choir, soloists and violin was as edifying as the architecture - a wonderful experience to be part of. Almost religious. :)

I have no religion - unless maybe I'm a Jack Buddhist - since what little studying I've done of on Buddhism doesn't seem as rife with contradictions as the rest of them. What I don't understand about Christianity is some of what was discussed in the thread. The bible is the "ultimate" guide and truth, and yet even in that small group, there's different interpretations. So if you're going to interpret it in your own way, why do you even need it for more than say, a cultural and possibly literary reference?

I know, respect, and even love many fine christians, but deep down, can't see their faith as more than a sky hook. If it works for them, great, but I feel secure with just an "operating belief system" (boy did that ring my bell when I first heard it from Scott!), and don't feel the need for Absolutes. Of course this involves significant personal responsibility and constant vigilance of one's inner and external practices. (So does being a christian unless you're doing it wrong.)

I'm only a "fan" of scholarship and greatly appreciate what I learn every time you post to the forum. Now I have to pull away from this intriguing site of yours and get to my physical practice or risk being a "fan" of RMAX.


Zanuyay said...

You might like VOX's album Divine Rites with the incomparable voice of Fadia Alhage

Aaron Vlek