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Thursday, June 26, 2008

So, I'm in a debate with some Christians

Which has been taking up some of my time of late.

They are actually pretty decent people and the discussion has been quite friendly.

A couple of people have wondered how I manage to stay mellow during these dissuasions. It is actually quite easy, I listen to the right music.

I particularly like to listen to the music of the Syrian Church to help me keep focus when talking about things biblical, Here is one of my favorites for your consideration.

This is the incomparable Lisa Gerrard singing the Abwoon (the lord's prayer) in Aramaic, the language that Yeshua ben Maryam (Jesus) spoke.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Blue Balled

Good Gawd! I laughed so hard I think I pulled something!

Now this will get some votes! (ROTFLMAO)

Then You will want to check out Truth Through Action .org I'm expecting great things from them.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Knife as a tool for dexterity

I guess it was about a year or so ago I had the pleasure of attempting to repeatedly cut and stab my friend Scott Sonnon with a knife.

It was a lot like trying to cut smoke.

This was at a rather impromptu knife workshop that we taught together in Portland OR. We put it on at the end of another seminar that Scott and Steve Barnes had put on.

The workshop was something of a lark, we just decided to do it. We had not even had time to work out what we were teaching, and neither of us had any experience with the other's material.

Needless to say, it was great fun.

At the very beginning of the evening Scott demonstrated some agility stuff he had picked up in Russia. He had me move to cut or stab him, with the knife starting in contact with him (we did use a training knife) and he used the contact to tell him how to move so that he would not be cut.

I was impressed. I am used to being able to tag someone when I try, but like I said, it was like trying to cut smoke.

So fast forward to today. Scott put's up this video along with a great article on using the knife as a tool on his blog.

Take a look, then read the article, it's good.



A couple of reasons to love Bill Moyers

The young mouse thinks he can bite the lion's tail because the lion is old
(Persian saying)

At the National Conference for Media Reform held a couple of days ago, Fox "News" thug personality Bill O'Reilly sent one of his "producers", Porter Barry to ambush interview Bill Moyers. Berry attempted to blast Mr. Moyers with questions regarding his political affiliations and his "refusal" to appear on O'Reily's circus show. Mr. Moyers demonstrates the difference between a journalist and a corporate media hack by handing Berry his arse.

Do watch the clip to the very end to be treated by seeing some of the other journalists at the gathering give Berry a bit of his own medicine.



Then take a listen to the speech Mr. Moyers gave to the group. The shenanigans of O'Reilly' minion just underscores the need to keep a free press that is not under the control of the media conglomerates. (so support PBS and Net Neutrality)


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Plug (of the shameless sort)

I have a good friend out west, San Francisco to be precise, who has just gone into his own business full time.

My friend Wes Buckingham Is a wonderful photographer. He has been well received at shows and has done some truly innovative work. I have one of his experimental pieces that I find very relaxing just to look at.

If you are looking for some artwork to invest in, or you need a photographer that is more than a cut above you should check him out.

You can visit his professional site here.