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Friday, May 09, 2008

Today's Ride

Took me to one of the local historical sites, the Ada Covered Bridge.

One of the nice things about biking is that it is easy to find the things you might miss if you were in a car.

The Ada covered bridge was built in 1867 across the Thornapple river, connecting one side of the town of Ada with the other.

I guess it's not a big attraction per se, but it is rather pretty.

One has to turn off the main roads to get to it and it has a little park connected to it. It's a nice place to have a bite to eat, or just to rest and enjoy the sites.


Salma said...

Dear Mushtaq,
There is something missing in the bottom photograph..... A horse and carriage would complete it nicely.... If you try hard enough, you can almost see it. Wonderful things, covered bridges.

Dan Gambiera said...

Nice. They don't do construction like that anymore. Heck, they don't even make the trees to do construction like that anymore.

Dan Gambiera said...
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fairuza said...

Reminds me of Ichabad Crane and the Headless Hoseman.

steve-vh said...

When Roberta was a young girl growing up in Ada, one of the significant events for a Girl Scout was the ceremonial "crossing over" the covered bridge to the next level in Girl Scouts.
Sounds kinda corny even to her but she says it still holds strong sentimental memories :-)