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Friday, May 23, 2008

Mind Armor

An incredibly kewl article by my friend Cody Fielding.

Cody is pretty brilliant. He works full time as an athletic coach and trainer in the San Francisco Bay Area. To be successful at that out there where trainers are so ubiquitous is fairly impressive, but Cody's credentials are impressive and his results also. Cody is a certified Olympic lifting
coach, CrossFit trainer, and Head Coach under Scott Sonnon's circular strength training/CST system.

Cody has just had an article published for Organic MMA that is a must read on the subject of mental preparedness. Check it out here.


steve-vh said...

Truly an amazing guy. One of those types of people you meet so rarely in life. And a great article.
My son Cole put it so succinctly last night. "Cody? That's dude friggin' AWESOME dad."

Janet said...

Great article. Great guy. What good fortune that we know him.