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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just so's we're clear

And I admit there has been a bit of confusion of late.....

This is how the Right Wing Authoritarian "Bottoms" who are pretending to be "Conservative" see themselves.

On the other hand, this is how the rest of us see them.

Think I'm kidding?

Check out the Right Wing sock puppet That appeared on "Hardball" tonight.

The only thing he could do is loudly repeat the talking points he had been programed with. When questioned all he could do was repeat said programming at greater volume and frequency.

Chris Matthews does a great job of unmasking the guy as a 'droid by nothing more than using a request for background information.

The poor 'droid can't function outside its programming and so melts down.

Take a look at the video, it's hilarious (if a bit pathetic)

This is what has highjacked the party of Lincoln and Roosevelt.


Michael B. said...

What a tool! I saw this also and was laughing my butt off. Sixtieth year of Independance maybe? Sixtieth year of theft..DAMN STRAIGHT!.....This Republican right wing neo fascism is a complete and dangerous joke.

ksmaguro said...

OMGS! i was lauging my butt off! What an idiot!
appease me!

Dan Gambiera said...

And with friends like these why do we Jews need enemies? If you look at Hagee and Parsley and Dobson and Kennedy and the rest of the so-called Christian pseudo-Zionists you just want to puke. The real reason they support the existence of Israel, and they lay it out plainly, is that they believe all the Jews must be sent their by force if necessary. Once that happens almost all of them have to be killed by Arabs. Then and only then will Jesus be allowed to return.

As far as "sixtieth year of theft" goes read a little history from more than one perspective. There is certainly sin enough for everyone there. I'm not excusing it.

But remember that at least as many Jews were forcibly displaced from Arab countries in 1948 and 9 as were Muslims in what became Israel. And that's including as "forcibly displaced" all those who left voluntarily at the call of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Arab governments. That's just for a start. The current Received Dogma of Israel as the genocidal villain and the Arabs as helpless peace-loving victims of the ZOG is 100% grade A bullshit. Start with the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Nazi roots of Pan-Arabism and Baathism, the resistance to a single protectorate, the 1947 UN partition plan, the 1948 borders and a number of other things.

Consider how and why Jordan was created, the Assad family's view of "Greater Syria" and the refusal of Arafat to accept anything less than the total destruction of Israel and the subjugation of all Jews living there when he was offered a State at Dayton. That more than anything else put Likud back into the driver's seat.

B said...

Wow...that guy had his butt handed to him.

I suppose being prepared can be pretty valuable. Maybe Mr. James will do more homework next time.

fairuza said...

I too, like the word "droid", but my sister and I prefer "pod people" when speaking about guys like that.

It seems to evoke deeper images of evil and horror.

Mushtaq Ali said...

Pod people does have that creepy "gonna come and get ya in the night" feeling that has become the signature of the republican party.

Michael B. said... view is how I see it, and NO not all are ARABS..that is saying everyone from TEXAS is just isn't true. I have been to that region of the world and to tell a Palestinian man he is an Arab would get your ass chewed. My regards to theft wasn't directed at anyone group imparticular rather the whole quagmire of shite from both sides. That region is held hostage by special interests who deem it necessary to try and keep all others out. The problem is, there is many groups, nations etc. all pulling on the same rope, hence nothing ever gets resolved.