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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hot off the forge

I've been catching up on work that laid fallow all winter.

There were a few things that brought production to a standstill over the winter, but Spring is here, and our smithy is going all out again.

I completed one project yesterday and will be finishing off several more in the next few days.

This was a set, an English trade pattern "scalp knife"

and a modified Woodlands style Tomahawk.

The knife is forged from 1095 steel, and has a deer bone and Osage Orange Wood grip. The Tomahawk has an L6 carbon steel head and is hafted with Allegheny Mountain Ash wood. The head has a hammer on the back rather than a pipe bowl and the poll is teardrop rather than round so that the handle can't turn under use.

These were made for use rather than display so I went for practical rather than ornamental.

More to come soon!


Janet said...

Maybe not ornamental, but things of beauty nevertheless, especially the tomahawk.

charles said...

Yeah, it's really difficult to find a knife or something sharp in our house... ;-)

The tomahawk looks awesome Mushtaq!
(and swings really well too!)


fairuza said...

That Tomahawk RAWKS!

Michael B. said...

Okay Mushtaq..Now I need one of each..I lvoe that Hawk..hmmmm...perhaps one could be made for me work is amazing and worth every penny and more..peace!