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Monday, May 05, 2008

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

A great North American Holiday!

If it were not for the 4000 brave Mexican solders who defeated the French at the battle of Puebla on May Fifth, 1862 the American civil War could cave gone on a whole lot longer (The French were intending to supply the South).

The history of North America has never been just the history of Anglos (as much as they would like to believe so)

So Viva Mexico! And thank you for your help in saving the Union that is the United States.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite poems by José Emilio Pacheco

Alta traición
No amo mi Patria. Su fulgor abstracto
es inasible.
Pero (aunque suene mal) daría la vida
por diez lugares suyos, cierta gente,
puertos, bosques de pinos, fortalezas,
una ciudad deshecha, gris, monstruosa,
varias figuras de su historia,
(y tres o cuatro ríos).
(and for those poor souls who do not speak Spanish, a translation)

High treason
I do not love my country. Its abstract splendor
is beyond my grasp.
But (although it sounds bad) I would give my life
for ten places in it, for certain people,
seaports, pinewoods, fortresses,
a run-down city, gray, grotesque,
various figures from its history
(and three or four rivers).


fairuza said...

It was actually only slightly more than a fluke that this country didn't end up in the hands of Spain or France.

People tend to forget that.

AF1 said...

Los Angeles, Rio Grande, Santa Fe....just some more examples of how North American history has a Spanish side.

An off-topic question Mushtaq--Steve Barnes mentioned on his blog that you were seeing great results with your students using the 5 Tibetans (if I understood him right.)

Could you comment a little on that?

Janet said...

nice poem

Metino Heat said...

happy mexican independence day!NOT! I keep telling people that its actually not independence day, but nobody beleives me.