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Friday, May 02, 2008

Biking Season is Here Again!

It's (mostly) warm and sunny again, and I try to get out daily for a little riding.

I have been an avid bicycle rider since I was a kid. My first bike, a Christmas gift, opened up the world for me, or at least it seemed so at the time. I was no longer limited by how far and how fast I could walk. I could get to places on my own that had required the help of an adult (like the nearest movie theater).

Over the years I have kept up with my riding, mostly for recreation. That is of course until recently.

During the months where we have good weather I avoid using a car whenever possible, which saves me huge amounts of money. Probably 95% of my transportation needs are taken care of by riding my bike rather than driving.

Happily, last year our local government received a visit from the clue fairy and put a bunch of our tax money into building and improving bike paths around the area. This has opened up whole new vistas to riding that were at best unsafe before.

Along with just getting around while denying the oil companies my money, biking is my main form of aerobic and endurance training.

I usually ride twenty to thirty miles every other day for conditioning. My very favorite ride takes me in a long loop along both sides of the Grand River.

The ride takes me through gorgeous West Michigan farm country, along the banks of the river and through a rather nice park.

This is the bridge where I cross the river at the top of the loop.

This is a view of the Grand from the park trail.

One of the very best ways I know of to spit in the eye of the oil companies is to get a bicycle and use it as much as possible.

For anyone in the area who doesn't have a bike and wants one I recommend making a stop at the Grand Rapids Bicycle Company, it's right by Knapp and the Beltline. The people there are great, the prices are as good as you get anywhere, ss a matter of fact they compete quite nicely with internet prices. Check them out, get a bike and save lots of money while staying fit and healthy

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