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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Good Knifemaking Video

Even better, this one's free.

The fellow who put this together is a Brit who goes by the handle of "Green Pete". He's a sort of minimalist, eco-friendly guy with a lot of good ideas.

I was pointed at this video by a friend, not because he wanted my opinion but because he couldn't figure out how to play it.

The video is downloadable as an ISO (which is burnable directly to DVD) and is very good quality, but it is PAL format, the video format that the rest of the world uses. I had no problem converting it to NTSC (the format that we use here in the States), but it is a consideration if you are not used to such things. However most computers will play both PAL and NTSC without problem, so if you don't mind watching the video on your computer screen you are good to go.

You can download the video here.

This video examines methods of knife making using the stock removal process rather than forging. Stock removal is the process of grinding off metal until you get what you want. Green Pete has several interesting and innovative ways of doing this.

He uses an old file as the steel for making his knife, so of course you will have to anneal the metal so that it will be soft enough to work. He takes you through the process in a pleasantly lo-tech way.

While you can spend literally thousands of dollars equipping a shop with the tools to do stock removal, this is not that kind of video.

Pete uses two power tools, and angle grinder and a hand drill, both run off a 12 volt car battery and an inverter. He also uses the battery to run the blower for his forge fire, a salvaged car heater fan.

The angle grinder is a very useful tool for both cutting and grinding. While you can spend lots of money on one (Metabo makes the best I have ever used, but they cost) You can spend around $15.00 US at Harbor Freight and get a grinder that can last you for years.

Afrer the rough grinding it's time for the file work.

One of the really valuable ideas on the video is this jig for keeping the right angle when filing.

It's simple to make and very effective.

The video also covers heat treating and finishing the knife. Everything is practical and workable in the simplest settings.

The video is well worth a look, the price is right, and there is some pretty valuable material for anyone who wants to live simply and yet have kewl gear.

After you have checked out the video take a stroll through the rest of Green Pete's website you will find plenty there that is worthwhile.

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Peter Green said...

Thanks fella, nice review!
Been looking round your blog and it's very interesting, I'm off again now to read some more!
Cheers, Pete! :-)